Earthquake Warning System

• The world's fastest, most advanced earthquake warning technology
• All-in-one earthquake detection, analysis and regional/national alert capabilities
• 2x faster than any comparable local system currently on the market
• Seamless integration with existing emergency communication systems
• Fully automated and operational 24/7, 365 days a year
• Years of field-proven success and thousands of installations throughout both Japan and




The Beeper Solution

• Based on state-of-the-art field-proven Japanese EED sensors
• Alert activation via server notification or local P wave detection
• Remotely adjustable detection threshold for local detection
• Earthquake detection frequency range:0.5–8 MHz
• Rechargeable 72 hour backup battery
• Remotely-activated digital voice message storage
• Monitoring and alert message activation process
• Ethernet port for IP connection to server
• Speaker / public address system output
• Visual power supply and system integrity indicators
• Suitable for any communication platform


Field-Proven Seismic Detector

Beeper Seismoguard's Seismic Detector was developed in Japan in collaboration with the Japanese Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED).

Since 2007, thousands of these detectors have been deployed throughout the country, successfully alerting residents in advance of hundreds of earthquakes of varied intensities.

This Seismic Detector-based system has also been tested and approved by Israel's Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee as part of its national earthquake preparation program.





 For further information, please contact:


Ronen Shapira




Asa Yanai

1 917 8483753 


Beeper SeismoGuard Brochure

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